Selling your house during the Holiday Season…

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It is no longer the Hot Housing Market of the summer, but that shouldn’t stop you from selling your house and buying a new one. The Holiday Housing Market can be just as HOT, in Southern CA.Here are the top 7 reasons why it is exactly the right time to sell your house!

Selling your House During the Holiday Season

 1.) Less Competition: All the reasons why you also thought it wasn’t a good time to sell your house, are the same reasons that other people don’t list their house…if you list your house, you will have the upper hand because there is far less competition of houses on the market.

2.) Serious Buyers: Why would anyone want to take the time during the holiday season to look at houses? The reason isn’t important, but the fact that they are doing it, means they have got to be highly motivated.

3.) You spent all that time decorating your house, why not show it off? Your house probably looks best when you have decorated for the holiday season. Your house smells good from the delicious cooking you’re doing. Creating the ambiance of future holidays for the buyer through their senses will sell your house.

4.) People travel to other places during the holidays; sometimes their hometown, which may be where they want to move to.  Going home for the holidays reminds people of fond memories of their family or friends and why they may want to move back.

5.) Vacation means time off. Although, looking for a house may not be what people want to do when on vacation, the motivated buyer will take advantage of this free time to look for their dream home. Open your doors and they will come.

6.) You will have already cleaned your house for the visit with the in-laws; no need to let a good cleaning go to waste.

7.) A crackling fireplace is a perfect effect! You won’t want to have a fireplace going during the summer, but during the winter it is certainly a delight.

Contact us, so that we can help you sell your house, whether your house is in Toluca Lake or a home in the Hollywood Hills.  Selling a house in Los Angeles or the Valley is what Ramsey-Shilling Associates can do for you! Prestigious realtors selling fine homes since 1953. 

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