Real Estate is one of the most diverse and rewarding professions that anyone can pursue.  One of the oldest and most tested ways of all time to participate in a wealth building industry. Consumers and providers alike have shared in the opportunities that Real estate has provided. From property ownership, to loan originationescrow services or ancillary services providers, to the front line people, the people that help you buy or sell your property, there are many ways to participate in the real estate industry.

What are your goals?
Can you successfully achieve them using your real estate license?
How long will it take?
What is your next step?
Most people know several real estate agents already, don’t you?
How will you distinguish yourself amongst your family, friends, and peers?

These are all realistic questions that need to be answered.

Many top producers in real estate earn six figure incomes. Is there a way that you can achieve the same results: The top leaders in the industry agree that making the decision to achieve your goals is the most important 1st step. Obviously the next important step is aligning yourself with a firm that shares your interests in becoming successful.

Ramsey-Shilling Associates is proud to associate with an outstanding on-line license preparatory school, the Rockwell Institute. They share the same goals as we do in offering the best resources possible for your success.

Once you have received your license, we will be happy to review your application to become part of the Ramsey-Shilling Associates team. We won’t make any guarantees, but we will do our best to determine if you have what it takes to be successful on our team!

Will you choose a large firm, and be lost in the crowd, or do you prefer to be a big fish in a little pond: Here at Ramsey-Shilling Associates we have always maintained that “bigger is not always better”. We are not a corporate giant, we do not have offices around the world, but what we do have may be of interest to you! With two offices and 75+ agents, Ramsey-Shilling Associates has been successfully in business since 1953. If this is a career choice, and you are interested in becoming a professional you will discover our agent turnover rate is one of the lowest, our compensation plan is outstanding, and our ability to help and train those agents who want to be successful in reaching their goals is proven.

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