Why Lease?

There are many reasons and benefits to leasing, as opposed to buying.

  • Temporary living arrangement
  • Job relocation without long term commitment 
  • Is your television series going to be picked up for a second season? 
  • You may not be able to afford to buy in the best school districts, however you may be able to lease so your child(ren)will get the best education


Owners may benefit from leasing rather than selling…

Los Angeles and surrounding areas is the studio capital of the west coast.

Tenants and studios will pay a premium to be in this vicinity.

Investors and landlords can build up their portfolios for future income and wealth

Individuals can create a positive cash flow for their retirement


Preparations to Purchase a house

For most people, it will take a period of time to accumulate sufficient resources to make the proper down payment.  It could take a year or so to get all the ducks in a line, and in the mean time will need to live somewhere and leasing is the best option.

  • Organize your finances and establish a timeline for saving your down payment
  • Ensure your credit score is high enough to get the lowest interest rate
  • Help familiarize you with an area in which you would like to live
  • Determine with you the best approach and time the market (i.e. the supply and demand)

Search for your perfect lease below…be sure to include the maximum amount per month you would like to lease for.