Relocating to Southern California

Screen-Shot-2013-12-04-at-7.58.54-PMSouthern California is unique in many ways – its scenery, culture and people bring new residents and visitors from all over the world.
This area is a beautiful place to live as well as a giant in the entertainment industry, finance, healthcare, tourism,  new technology, shipping and every

aspect of the business world. Southern California has a world-renowned colleges and universities. We have five-star restaurants and hotels and shopping venues from couture to outlet malls. Of course, the weather is envied throughout the world.

So Cal also represents a style of life. If your dream is to live here, we can make it come true. Our staff  is available to assist you, at no extra cost and can answer any questions regarding living here or to provide assistance with relocation.

Ramsey-Shilling Associates can help you plan your move in a way that eases the stress of relocation. Whether you’re new here or not, we understand all the problems that can be encountered so that you are prepared and successful every inch of the way.

Consult with one of our associates to find out more. Call us for relocation assistance: 818-763-5162

Relocation Tips:

Moving is often a complicated process. One must research finding a new home, schools and perhaps even a job. We know that it is also important to become familiar with your new neighborhood before choosing a place to live.

Key questions to ask before deciding where to live:patio-web

  • What is the cost of living in this area?
  • What are the prices of a comparable houses?
  • Will I have a long commute to work?
  • What is the community like? Crime rates and traffic?
  • Is the school system rated highly?
  • Can my spouse find work?


  1. Get a few back copies of the local newspaper or log on to the local paper’s Web site. This information, and the local Chamber of Commerce info, will give you a sense of the area’s lifestyle.
  2. Our resource page has variety of community and neighborhood links to gather more information
  3. When you visit, look for new construction and remodeling which indicates growth and prosperity. See what the neighborhood looks like when everyone is home.
  4. Chat up the locals in the neighborhood. They know the area and what is happening.
Selecting a Neighborhood
When you visit:

  • Check out the neighborhood in person.
  • Talk to people who live there.
  • Drive through the entire area at different times of the day during the week and on weekends.
  • Look carefully at other homes and how well they are maintained.
  • Look for access to highways and shopping.
  • Listen for noise created by commerce, roads, highways, public areas, schools.
  • Check with local officials to find information about the area.
  • Notice distance to neighborhood parks, shopping, theaters, restaurants, schools