A positive, energetic experienced Real Estate Agent. Marilynn came to Ramsey Shilling Associates with many years of business experience. A strong background in banking and founder of M. Bradbury Catering, a successful full service ground & private aviation catering business. Buying or selling, her goal is to assist her clients in getting the clarity of their needs so they can make committed decisions and then they can take action together.Her competent negotiation skills will aid in securing the best value for your sale or purchase.

She is a member of the Southland Regional Assocation of Realtors, the MLSLA Westside, the National Assocations of Notaries, as well as a member of the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and a life time member of Worthwhile Referral Service as well the Ararat Home of LA. She is a native of Southern CA and an alumni of Hollywood High School and CA Brokers Inst, LA City College, LA Valley College, North Valley Occup School, West Valley Occup School, Bookkeeper Tax Preparer, and a Certified Bereavement Counselor.

In her leisure time, she loves movies, and is a great supporter of small theater in the community. Of course she loves to cook and entertain in her home for the last 40 years in Sherman Oaks.

"I bought my home over twenty years ago and Marilynn was representing the new buyer that was a witch from hell.  I had a broker that was dead and he didn't know it.  If it weren't for Marilynn, I would have jumped in front of moving traffic.  It was a major nightmare and she was my angel from heaven.  Because of terrible experience and the way she helped me, we have remained friends ever since.  I would never use anyone else as she is the best!" - Sandy B.
"I have known and worked with Marilynn Bradbury for about 15 years.  She has been active and productive in Real Estate Industry beginning from way before that, but more importantly she has something most agents are lacking in - she genuinely cares !  She puts her clients goals and priorities first, before herself or the commission.   A lot of agents think the only way to succeed is to be overly aggressive and obnoxious.  Marilynn is the opposite of that.  She will put you at ease and take care of you." - Boyce L.