John (J.P.) Perron is a Real Estate Broker focusing on long term residential and commercial property investments and has been a contributing writer for The Tolucan Times covering real estate news. Raising three young kids as Tolucans means the world to his family. "My wife is Perron Law Group Attorney Tamar Poladian Perron, her mother Aida Poladian has been selling homes at Ramsey Shilling Associates in Toluca Lake for over 35 years. Our hearts and our family belong to Toluca Lake and our local neighborhoods," promises J.P.

The husband and wife team has also solved some red-hot real estate problems together. As a Commercial Real Estate Broker John Perron has an astounding ability to predict outcomes for the long-term investment market and an incredible track record of giving clients the best strategy for personalized solutions to their real estate needs. “Choosing the right strategy and the right tactics for Real Estate Wealth Accumulation has proven to be the most important approach for the long term,” he explains.

John Perron and Perron Law Group completed a complicated short sale of a commercial property that had bankruptcy, lawsuits, IRS liens, local City plus State of California Parks and Recreation grants and loans – but they successfully negotiated for approximately 60 cents on the dollar!

"Buying a first home or trading in Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties are some of the most important decisions in life. My extended experience, including working as a Residential & Commercial Appraiser, means you can be confident making these crucial commitments to improve your future - and your life!"