Tom Kwak’s Feng Shui Tips

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As a top producing real estate agent for over 20 years, Tom Kwak at Ramsey-Shilling Associates has often been asked how one’s home relates to Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Chinese system of space in relation to the flow of energy (Qi). We often hear this term in regards to homes, whether it is the wall color, lay-out or décor.

Here are some common points of interest when looking to buy a new home:

1. Your home needs room to breath…make sure there is enough yard space, so energy can enter your sanctuary and flow freely.

2. When the front door is aligned with the back door, energy comes in and goes right back out. Look for a house where the energy will come in the front door and have the opportunity to flow throughout.

3. Energy gets trapped at the house at the end of a cul-de-sac…you may want to avoid be trapped.

4. A mountain located behind the house provides a strong backing; avoid a house with a sloping backyard.

After you have moved into your new home or if you want to rejuvenate your life and spruce up your home then decorate with feng shui in mind:

1. Mirrors increase energy throughout your home, so be careful what energy you are pushing through (is the mirror reflecting a trash can?). Avoid placing a mirror facing the front door, as you would be reflecting the energy back out.

2. Increase the love energy by decorating with reds, purples or orange in the southwest corner of your abode!

3. Wood and water elements are important to produce more money, so enhance the southeast corner of your home with a fountain or a luscious plant (don’t forget to hang a mirror to reflect this part of the room)!

4. The eastern part of your home relates to your health, so make sure it is well lit!

5. Clear the clutter and let flow like the river!

When you begin to incorporate feng shui theory and elements to your home and life, you may open your eyes to a brilliant new lifestyle. Follow your instincts, if the energy in your home doesn’t feel right and you want a new flow of energy, then call Tom Kwak and he will sell your home and find you another that has the feng shui you are looking for. “I don’t just list them…I sell them!” – Tom Kwak (818) 903-5575 or DRE# 01084158

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