Romancing Your Home

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We’d like to give this a more practical name like ‘home improvement’ or ‘remodeling’ but the truth is we are driven by my romance of something more beautiful, with texture and color and flow. A state of dreaming, and, yes, romance about your space. Looking through magazines, articles and the internet for the images that put us in our happy place while still offering function and practicality.

Setting the stage for drawing your attention into a dream-like state is not only appealing, but welcoming, and we call this ‘curb appeal’. Creating curb appeal is the first step to the rest of your ‘romancing your home’. We could stop here and have you shuffling through thousands of pictures, buy out your neighborhood garden shop and then push your gardener to recreate your dream and finish by having your handyman give your façade a face lift. Most of this would freshen up the look, but why stop there.

The next natural spot to refresh is a dimly lit walk, setting a visual mood to the front door as well as the area around the front door, both outside and inside. Providing scent such a french lavender along a foot path, your guests brush by releasing scented pleasure or Jasmine cascading along a trellis of sweet joy. Vacant space draws attention to the walk ways, flooring and larger adjacent features like stair casings, a water feature, entry lighting and even wall texture. A good rule is to create depth, even where there maybe very little, by layering the background and textures. Beginning with a stone fence, then a medium height airy and delicate plant gently gracing the space behind a water feature and playfully trimming the foreground with lush dense ground covering trailing along a walkway. Depth, fragrance, texture and patterns flow through the mind like water and allow the eye to gracefully wander easily from point to point.

Guests and family will enjoy the soft aroma and light feeling of the newly freshened spaces. But, what if you’re in the market to sell your home? There are many other key rooms and areas that will need quite a bit of your special touches. Keeping things light and airy is key, and updated finishes are often nice, but not always practical. So which rooms and finishes are most important in order to return the money you are spending? Creating an immediate sense of drama as you walk into the first room with a gently fragrant candle wafting through the air will set the stage for each emotion and feeling which follows. Next is the kitchen, followed by the master bedroom and en suite bath and so on. But, this is a segue for another article on interior spaces. And yes, every room in the home is important, even the garage.

Once you have completed your labor of love, your home will be all the talk among your friends or potential buyers. Your lovely new spaces and tranquil home will entice all that see it, and have their minds purring like a cozy kitten. This is your Romancing Your Home.

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